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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This essay purports to list the five worst ideas in comics:

My take:

Jeez, McLaughlin, you couldn’t find even ONE bad idea in the history of undergrounds/artcomics, to balance against all the stuff from the mainstream?
How about Angelfood McSpade, Crumb’s questionable “satire” of black stereotypes?
How about Scott Russo’s similarly-themed “satire” of Akira Kurosawa, whom Russo portrayed as talking like Mickey Rooney’s Japanese guy from BREAKFAST FOR TIFFANY’S? Published by *****FANTAGRAPHICS!****

On another topic, I can probably think of worse ideas than some of these, though the Clone Saga would probably make my shortlist. But I categorically reject the idea that the “Comet the Super-Horse” concept is the “worst” anything! “Kooky,” yes. “Inescapably risible to adults, including me” sure. But McLaughlin– HE’S NOT REALLY A HORSE (of course, of course). He’s a ****ing sentient being in a horse’s body, and the largely-innocent storyline doesn’t even suggest that he wants to get with the Girl o’Steel as a horse or centaur or anything but a human-type guy.

So ya doesn’t have to call it “five worst.”

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