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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I took a quick glance at the "Spurgeon blowjob" post, scrolled to the bottom, and saw that, true to form, Heidi McDonald had closed the thread for reasons beknownst only to Heidi.

TS managed to get in one last post before it closed, which I've not yet read. I suppose that it'll be more of the usual chickenshit mendacity, phrased in that clinical Spurgeonspeak that some fans take as evidence of intelligence.

I suppose I could read his parting blather and respond to it here, but I probably won't bother unless the stats for these posts should go up a bit. I don't expect that they'll ever go as high as they did for the essay MY NEW FAVORITE ADULT-X SPECIAL, but a few more pageviews would be hard evidence that someone out there would like to see Tom's ass cyberkicked a bit more.

Time will tell.

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A. Sherman Barros said...

Hi Gene,

I, for one, would love to see you cyber-ass-kicking the asshole's ass hole.

Mainly because I feel you're right and he's wrong. I love EC comics, and I love the Vertigo line.

But one thing separates both. My love for EC comics springs from nostalgia of an era I didn't live through. But I was there for Vertigo and I hated them when I first read Sandman or (mainly) Hellblazer.

I was in my teens then...

The EC comics type of story always had a moralizing final act (maybe because of the comics code), but Hellblazer doesn't have such concerns. I can't think of a more cruel ending than the one from the first John Constantine story arc, where he sacrifices is looser fried, mercilessly.

Hurrah, for Vertigo.

And I am glad that I can also enjoy EC without having to rant its superiority.