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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I didn't bother reading to the end of the BEAT post I've been mentioning lately, where I criticized another poster. Once Heidi herself expressed sentiments in the favor of the other guy, I knew there was no point in going the distance in the matter: Heidi's heavy finger has cut me off too often.

I half suspected that within the next few days I'd be persona non grata at The Beat, whether because Heidi sincerely believed me guilty of trollish behavior, because she's protecting her meal ticket, or a little of both. I tested the waters with an innocuous post about the TV-Wonder Woman's new costume and received the infamous "Your comment is awaiting moderation." Today-- no post on THE BEAT.

It's a small loss from the POV of net-traffic; at least Google stats almost never cite that I'm getting many hits from that territory, despite having intermittently posted there for about a year. But I'm sure Heidi will still provide me with lots of material for my blog even if I can't get into abortive arguments with Tom Spurgeon over there. She's just that kind of girl.

Speaking of the WONDER WOMAN costume:

The gist of my vanished comment was that at least this design would avoid the frequent accusation that the character was objectified by the act of running around in a quasi-bathing suit. As I noted in PANTS THEISM, I've no great liking for the concept of "realism" in superhero costumes. As far as I can see, "realism" gets us this sort of monstrosity:

At the very least, the above verson of the costume that *may* be used in the teleseries gets rid of the lame jacket used by the comics-reboot, which also allows the viewer a better look at Wonder Woman's greatest weapon--

Her lasso.

What else could one mean? (Especially since wearing the jacket didn't immunize the reboot from the usual complaints about the prominence of the wonder boobs!)

As for the teleseries itself, I've said elsewhere that I'm none too sanguine about David Kelley putting his hands on the Amazon. I don't imagine that he'll really give people a bracelet-wearing Ally McBeal, but though Kelley has a good sense for exploitative material he's got no experience working with the action-genre. I never got around to reading the pilot-script floating around on the net, but no matter how Kelley and his cohorts may modify their approach, I suspect we'll still have a very TALKY Amazon Princess.

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