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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I haven't tried to post to THE BEAT in a while, though one post was accepted without the dreaded "awaiting moderation" signal. However, today I got it again, though it may be only in relation to the touchiness of the topic. I shall see.

In case the comment is disallowed (which would be strange as so far, Heidi's allowed one poster to tell another to fuck himself), I preserved my comment just for grins:

I could be wrong but I think Brian J was being wary of the possibility of battling with monsters and so becoming a monster (to twist Nietzsche into knots), not an across-the-board equivalence.

A very minor correction to Heidi's statement above: NPR is now broadcasting that Osama was not armed when shot but that he did resist, so her statement is still essentially correct.

He did us something of a favor there. A long trial would have been an enormous waste of time and money for a man who convicted himself out of his own mouth, IMO, and when it was all over America's enemies would still be no less antagonistic.

1 comment:

Gene Phillips said...

As I expected, my comment did not appear, but the "fuck you" comment is still there.

Heidi certainly does hold a grudge, doesn't she?

And that marks the end of my wasting time at THE BEAT, and the start of wasting it some other way.