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Monday, April 30, 2012


Perhaps even more than those famed taboo subjects, religion and politics, the topic of sex is one that almost immediately generates radically opposed, basically inarguable positions. In the comics-blogosphere, it may even top the fabled "Stan vs. Jack" arguments. 

For my last couple of essays for the Sequart site, seen here and here, I critiqued a COMIC BOOK RESOURCES essay from Kelly Thompson entitled "No, It's Not Equal," which is probably representative of this tendency.  The essay garnered (as of today) a more than respectable number of comments, a whopping 473 in all.  By my incomplete perusal, the reply-thread was marked by an awful lot of people declaiming their beliefs on one side or the other in the most strident of tones.  Possibly a better title for the thread itself would've been the one Heidi McDonald used for a BEAT topic on Dave Sim: "The One With All the Comments."

I won't comment on the substance of those two essays here for the time being, but I'll be printing two or three more that extrapolate from points raised by Ms. Thompson in the next few days.

My attacks on Ms. Thompson will have to wait, however.  Next up, I'll be looking at a book subtitled "Superwomen in Modern Mythology."

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