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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Kelly Thompson recently reposted her semi-famous essay, "No, It's Not Equal" on CBR. I'm still appalled at the degree to which both neopuritans fans and elitists (like those of the Hooded Utilitarian) accepted her poorly reasoned assertions, but two days ago I simply asked her for clarification as to the parameters for her survey. I got no response, so I added this, which may be doomed to "go away" soon.


Still no parameters. Let's look at why they're important:

"And now let’s look at ten of the most popular marquee superheroines: Wonder Woman (strapless swimsuit, sometimes a thong, sometimes heels), Catwoman (regularly unzipped, frequently heels), Ms. Marvel (swimsuit, sometimes a thong, thigh high boots), Storm (strapless swimsuit, thigh high boots, sometimes heels), Batgirl (fully covered, sometimes heels), Black Widow (regularly unzipped, sometimes heels), Invisible Woman (fully covered – for now at least), Black Canary (swimsuit, sometimes a thong, fishnet stockings, sometimes heels), Rogue (as of late – constantly unzipped), and Power Girl (boob hole, swimsuit, sometimes a thong, sometimes heels)."

You can claim, to use your phrase, that this is a fair representation of the costumes of superheroines until "the cows come home." But it cannot possibly be a fair representation until you SHOW YOUR WORK. If you do not establish roughly how many comics you surveyed and over what period of time, then your observations cannot be assessed. You lack what politicians term "transparency."

If you don't provide sources, the only thing you have in common with "transparency" are four letters of the word:

R, A, N, and T.

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