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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


My statistics for one particular post took an unusual spike recently. Because Reddit linked to my old review of a Dick Matena story, over 800 viewers at least gave a cursory glance to that post. I think the post was only selected because it contained Matena's satirical image of Hitler selling Watchtower pamphlets. Perhaps needless to say, none of my other posts were affected by this temporary upsurge.

Re: "null-myths"-- while I may continue to write about them whenever the mood strikes me, I'm coming to feel that I've illustrated as much as I can regarding the misuse of the mythopoeic functionality, so I won't be doing null-myth entries on a regular basis from now on. This may lead me to do more mythcomics posts each week-- this week, I'll get in two for sure-- but time will tell.

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