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Saturday, February 24, 2018


The tentative formulation of the concept "effort" as representing a sort of *tertium quid* between the differing levels of dynamicity and phenomenality means that everything written in STRUGGLE VS. COMBAT PT. 2  is invalid.

I wrote at the end of the essay:

in terms of the context of the respective acts, Character A's act is that of mesodynamic struggle, while Character C's act is that of megadynamic combat.T

But now I perceive that if the level of effort in both characters' acts is the same, then there can be no transition from the lower to the higher level.

So, from now on, in my system, characters who perform homicides by pushing people off ledges, running them down with cars, and other such minor efforts, must be consigned to the level of the mesodynamic.

Hmm, this may well be the shortest essay I write all year...

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