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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


It's hard to believe, but it's been roughly four years since I re-started my myth-analytic project for the second time. As I summarized in RE-ASSESSING THE ARCHIVE, I had dipped my toe into this subject in 2011, with 26 alphabetically arranged stories, showing how the stories contained symbolically complex treatments of myth-tropes. In 2015 I decided to attempt a weekly myth-analysis once more, hypothetically aimed at amassing "1001 myths." The stated purpose of the project was to provide an idea of narrative "plenitude" that would serve to counter the merely political ideals seen at the now-defunct HOODED UTILITARIAN.

As of last week, the count stands at 240 myth-comics from every comic-book era and most of those from comic strips. It seems likely that, if anyone out there were interested in the topic of "myths in comics," that alone would be a sufficient proof of the validity of my critical approach. I don't in truth think that there are many, if any, online readers interested in this particular topic, to judge from the paucity of comments on the "1001 myths" posts.

Of course, few posts here get comments anyway, and in RE-ASSESSING I admitted that THE ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE has always been a critical theory blog first and anything else second. My main reason for "slowing down" the production of myth-comics as of this week is that the weekly posts keep me from pursuing some of my other critical projects. If the 1001 myths were incredibly popular with visiting readers, I would probably still have to scale back.

The project will probably go on as long as the blog does, but now I'll only do so once or twice a month, which will give me more time for other projects, which I don't expect to be any more popular but which will give me the chance to expatiate further on my never-ending Theory of Everything.

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