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Friday, May 25, 2012


Posted this on a 2-26-12 post of THE HOODED UTILITARIAN:

Charles Reece said:

"I don’t have any stats on any of this, but just based on the gals and guys I know and see, for the most part, the former prefer wearing more revealing clothing than the latter. Superheroes just kind of replicate that tendency in a more exaggerated manner. The men who walk around in cutoffs or with their shirt open to the navel or in half shirts tend to be gay or aging rockers."

Here's a rare place where Charles and I agree.  Kelly Thompson (was she mentioned here or somewhere else? already forgotten) regarded the greater proportion of covered-up men as some vile conspiracy to subject only female characters to the evil "male gaze" or something of that sort.

But what if the superhero artists are simply reflecting their social mores?

Try to imagine what the dance-scene from THE GAY DIVORCEE would look like if Ginger was all covered-up and Fred was the one in the low-cut gown.

You may need something strong to drink after you've done so, but that won't be my fault.

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