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Monday, December 27, 2010


Also known as "a mammary bank." Obligatory rim shot.

Given the popularity of sites with names like SHE HAS NO HEAD!, it would be amusing to subvert that dominant and devote an essay here to reminiscing about nothing but tits in all their varying degrees of reality/fantasy. But in truth this essay takes its inspiration from a more standard form of list-making: "Memorable Moments in the History of [Fill in the Blank]."

A post on COMIC BOOK RESOURCES informed me of a CBR article entitled
"The 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History."

This CBR list in turn inspired a response from the blog DC Women Kicking Ass. In essence, the blogger asserted that female accomplishments in the DC Universe had been minimized or elided in the CBR list. There may be some justice to this claim, given that "the rape of Sue Dibny" gets a separate listing apart from "the death of Sue Dibny." I don't have anything against listing the "bad things" that happen to DC's fictional characters as being "memorable," especially since the list did include such male-disempowering events as "Roy Harper, Dope Fiend." Still, it does seem a misjudgment to give "Sue's rape" and "Sue's death" separate entries since both occured within the context of a single limited series, IDENTITY CRISIS.

A list of more female-empowering choices appeared on that blog here, and promptly got me thinking about what kinds of choices I'd make for mammor-- er, memorable moments for female characters in the DC Universe. I decided that my list wouldn't focus purely on the empowerment angle, as travesty is no less memorable and/or significant than triumph.

In Part 2 of this essay series I'll start by listing stuff that I agreed with from the two lists before I start making new deposits to the "bank."

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