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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One thing I liked about the list of nominees compiled on DC Women Kicking Ass is that it includes memorable acts by villain(esse)s, which the CBR list neglected.

Here's the entries that made it to my personal list of gynocentric glories, discounting the 3 or 4 that had appeared on the CBR list.

(7) Cheshire nukes a country in Deathstroke #19

(8) Silver St. Cloud figures out on her own that Batman is Bruce Wayne in Detective 479

(9) Oracle hiring Black Canary as an operative in the first Birds of Prey one-shot.
Incidentally, one might deem this the "formative moment" when Oracle went from being a supporting figure to a major player in the DCU.

(10) Amanda Waller goes Head to head with Granny Goodness in Suicide Squad #34

(11) Carrie Kelly becomes Robin in The Dark Knight Returns #2

(12) Cassandra Cain beats Shiva, leaves her hanging in Batgirl #73.

(13) Donna Troy finds her adoptive parents in The New Teen Titan’s “Who is Donna Troy?”

(14) Huntress gets her revenge on the man who had her family killed in “Cry for Bood” #6 (a particular favorite of mine, BTW).

(15) Black Canary calls Batman out about his treatment of the Huntress in Birds of Prey #79

(16) Katma Tui chooses to save a coworker before she saves her fiance, convincing her to become a Green Lantern rather thana wife and mother. Green Lantern #30

(17) Raven puts the Teen Titans together to fight Trigon in NTT #1

(18) Zatanna search to find her father finally ends in Justice League #51

(19) Black Canary crosses over from Earth 1 to Earth 2 and joins the Justice League (JLA #74)

(20) Harley Quinn makes her debut into comics with Harley Quinn/Mad Love

(21) Stephanie Brown becomes the first in continuity girl Robin in Robin #126

(22) Wonder Woman gives up her powers and becomes Diana Prince in Wonder Woman v.1 #178

I must admit that this sampling is fairly "Bat-centric," and that of the six I chose from the CBR list only one of them deals with the Super-mythology. Of course, as others besides me have commented, the mythology of Superman just never has been as inventive as that of the Bat-mythos. However, my own choices will feature not only more of the Superman stuff but also more works from the Silver Age, which period certainly has greater personal resonance to me than many of the latter-day developments.

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