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Friday, December 31, 2010


I rarely address personal matters on this blog but I'll make an exception here: as of Dec 31 2010 I retired on pension, making me a fixed-income guy with a lot more time on his hands for matters both creative and critical.

Additionally, on Dec 7 2010 this blog enjoyed its third anniversary. From the first I didn't expect this sort of "culture vulture" blog to reap much net-attention, and those expectations were largely realized, but in my way I've valued the exchanges I've had, even the negative ones.

I probably won't do much more with my companion blog AMAZONS ASCENDANT unless some bolt hits me from the proverbial blue (though I still might write a Parthian shot to Heidi McDonald there). I am considering that while I continue to make the "older AA" a home for formal theoretical meditations, I may start at least a third blog to deal with my new AUM theory, but as applied to the medium of cinema, with little if any comics-commentary.

I think I'm on to something with the AUM system of phenomenological classification, but I don't want ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE to become totally devoted to this subject. Naturally I'm aware that the Internet needs another movie-review blog like Charles Reece needs an Essentials collection of SHOGUN WARRIORS (bad inside joke). What I'm envisioning would still focus a bit more on critical matters than do most movie-blogs, and provide more concrete examples as to why I keep harping on the broad applicability of myth-criticism to the popular arts.

I don't plan to write long essays for this film-blog. A possible model would be Dave Sindelar's MOVIE OF THE DAY files, currently hosted by the Classic Horror Film Board. My take on this format would identify a given movie's phenomenalistic content (atypical/uncanny/marvelous) and maybe touch on prominent myth-motifs. I doubt if I'll manage one a day but I may get into enough of a rhythm to make four-five a week.

Additionally, I've another blog-concept, this one comics-related, but I'm investigating the possibility of its being hosted by a site.

Far in the future I may investigate the possibility of doing a personal wiki. I'm leery of the evanescence of such Internet constructs yet I do like those cool hyperlinks. It might be a possible means of expounding more fully on my theories of the "superhero idiom," on which I've been working, on and off, for the past ten years. The few posts I've done on the subject here are the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

In closing, I will note what I've been meaning to note for months: that I now have an essay in a "real book" (as opposed to all the long-gone and long-forgotten JOURNAL articles). Here's a link to the Sequart advertisement. Mine is the one that asks the musical question, " Is the depiction of Rorschach an unfair caricature of the philosophy of Steve Ditko?" I've enjoyed working with Sequart and hope to do so again in future.

And at some point, I plan to start using a scanner. But no promises as to when.

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Charles Reece said...

Well, shit, I forgot what that inside joke was about. Anyway, congrats on the book, retirement and having more time to irritate me with your opinions, now on movies.