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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sooner or later my "1001 myths" project is going to venture into places like Europe and Asia.

Now, starting with the first mythcomics post, I cited the title of the comic in which the story appeared, rather than the name of the feature. I'll continue to do this with any comic book published in the United States. Usually, if I don't have a hard copy of a given comic myself, a resource like Grand Comics Database can show me where a given story first appeared.

However, I'm aware of no resource that can give me the exact issues of V MAGAZINE or WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY where a given Barbarella or Urusei Yatsura tale appeared. And even if I had such a resource, it would be of negligible value to any readers here. Most of them, like me, have recourse only to reprinted versions of foreign works.

Fortunately, many translated Japanese manga, whether reprinted in standard comic or TPB format, number each episode of an ongoing series. So for manga, a designation like "ONE PIECE PARTS 54-58" would actually be more useful in pointing the experienced TPB reader to the TPB he wants, rather than referencing an unavailable magazine.

For that matter, last time I heard anything about the matter, the majority of *otaku* don't bother collecting the original anthology books anyway.

European reprints are usually not so conveniently numbered, so with them I may just have to reference album-collections rather than original appearances.

There will probably be other places where I fudge "first publication" a little. In my ELFQUEST review I didn't trouble to mention that one issue of the serial had been published by a mag called FANTASY QUARTERLY.

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